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Complete Marketing eco-system to take your Business to the Next Level!


Amplify the conversion from leads to prospects, prospects to customers and customers to Brand Ambassadors

Social Glint marketing platform provides your business the comprehensive solution to drive results from your customer acquisition strategy. The intelligent design of the platform gives you the flexibility to implement standalone solutions from the portfolio, still integrating each one with your overall marketing plan. The solutions Lead Management, User Generated Content, Referral Marketing, Customer Loyalty & Advanced Analytics - Social Glint simplifies the complexities in the Customer Acquisition.
Lead Management
Attract Buyers, Engage Them and Manage all the Leads centrally for effective sales closures. Organize all your customer information in one place and effortlessly interact with your customers. Social Glint manages large database of contacts, communications and related information making Customer Data Management a Child's play.
Drive more conversions with integrated features of the platform. Social Glint equips businesses to generate content from users and display it in front of more customers to increase conversions. The User generated content can be segmented with advanced features of the tool for target customers to connect with them directly.
Acquisition & Retention
Improve Customer Experience by employing custom marketing strategy to Acquire and Retain customers. Take full advantage of Analytics to build intimacy with the leads as well as existing customers. When brands make conscious effort to get to their customer's needs, the customers are more confident to buy from them.
Custom Solution For Your Business
Social Glint is a unique platform that blends products and services customized to business needs considering the challenges and nuances of the associated industry. The new age design provides the necessary boost to your existing marketing ecosystem to derive more value from it. Social Glint also offers end to end Implementation and Managed Services support for all the solutions in the portfolio.
User Generated Content

- Ratings & Reviews

- Questions & Answers

- Surveys

- Invitations & RSVP

Referral Marketing

- 'Refer A Friend' Campaigns

- Share, Save & Win

- Post Purchase Sharing

Lead Generation & Management

- Create landing pages for lead generation Campaigns - effortlessly

- Gather leads generated from various campaigns at one place

- Manage customer database effortlessly

- Communicate with customers in bulk

- Automate custom emails to targeted customers

- Integrate existing CRM tool seamlessly

Social Login Services

- User login from their accounts on all major social networks

- Improve your sign-up rate

- Obtain pre-validated email addresses and demographic details

- Customize the login interface as per your exiting application


- Collect data from campaigns and social channels

- Monitor collected data and identify the results

- Analyze the results and compile the data

- Visualize the campaign performance with an intuitive dashboard

Integrate Seamlessly Across Platforms
Social Glint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the Social Glint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.
Grow your business faster with Customer Management capabilities of Social Glint
Set up customer accounts in seconds
Customer Relations - On the GO
View, edit & manage leads/customer details
including contacts & communications
Send messages directly
from the tool
Assign leads/customer accounts to
sales team with one click
Set reminders for
Reports & Analytics

Key features
Gathers all inbound leads from various campaigns and organizes in a central database (this is the MOST EXCITING feature of the tool).
Takes away the hassles of managing different worksheets.
Unlimited customer records can be created.
Integrates seamlessly with existing CRM and Marketing Tools.
Dynamic reporting tool to create and export reports.
SocialGlint is the ideal solution to maintain customer database, effectively engage with target customers and improve the Customer Relationships for your business.
Do all of this and much more with SOCIALGLINT
Landing Pages
Build and host trendy, high-converting, mobile responsive landing pages from in-built templates.
Smart forms
Create intuitive forms to capture visitor data to central Lead Management database when they fill the form.
Bulk Messaging
Send bulk emails and SMS messages to new and existing customers and leads - in one go.
Social Login
Get validated email addresses and get rid of your email confirmation process by allowing users to login and register using their social network accounts.
Referral Campaigns
Create attractive Referral Campaigns for customers and visitors to boost lead generation and conversions.
Ratings & Reviews
Custom testimonials and review management solution for customers to share their opinion about your business - turn customers into Brand Ambassadors.
Create custom Q&A campaigns, specific surveys and promote them to the targeted audience to get maximum traction and responses.
View detailed reports on the key parameters for all your campaigns in one place with the intuitive dashboard.
System Integration
Integrate your existing CRM or marketing tool with Social Glint with support from our team - seamlessly.
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